Florida Fictitious Name DBA form Did you do it correct.

Florida Fictitious Name DBA  Form

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The way you name your business is important especially when you think about branding, but if you choose a fictitious name or a name other than your own, you will have to register it with the relevant authorities with what is known as Doing Business As or DBA. It is also sometimes called Trading As, Trade Name or Assumed Name depending on what country you are in.

Florida Fictitious Name DBA form

You need a DBA because automatically, when you open your business, it takes on your name. If your name is Samantha Brown, for example, and you opened a business that would be the name of the business. If you want to call it something else, you would need a DBA.
Take this example. Say Samantha lives in Florida, California and wants to open a business and call it Sunbiz Inc. Fla. This is considered a fictitious name and Samantha will have to go to the relevant Florida authorities to register a DBA. Sunbiz Inc. Fla will be the name used when doing business. It will also be the name that will appear on all

the documents of the business and tax returns will also be submitted using the same name.

Florida Fictitious Name DBA form

•A DBA allows you to use a name other than your own. This is necessary for branding. Imagine, for example if Coca Cola was named after the man who started it. It would do very little for the branding.
•It also allows uniqueness. If people opened businesses under their own names, there would be hundreds of thousands of businesses that would have the same names because their owners have the same names. It would be quite a task to sort through them and find the one that you want.
•A DBA allows a single entity, like a corporation, to open other330-227-0740 If Samantha wanted to run a chain of restaurants, for example, Sunbiz Inc. Fla would be the holding company. Because taxes are filed under this name, it lowers costs and makes it more effective to run multiple businesses each with its own fictitious name.

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Florida Fictitious Name DBA form
Who you get your DBA from depends on which state you are in. In  most states, you file for it with the Secretary of State . Sunbiz.Org is where you would file in the in Florida.  The forms fees also differ from state to state so you need to find out about your state.
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